Sunday, September 15, 2019

Electronic Sources †Internet Essay

I will research promotional methods on the Internet including leaflets, in which I will look at the distribution of local newspapers to see how far advertisements spread. I decided to use a wide range of sources, as I believe this will give me a more reliable source to draw conclusions and to evaluate. Some information can only be found from one source such as the most popular brand of electrical appliances, which can only be found out by using a questionnaire. Another reason for a wide variety of sources is to allow me to find out information such as markets, which are not catered for by large companies, I will then cater for this market. I will carry out questionnaires or use research already carried out by another company, which will allow me to use textbooks or the Internet. I will group the people on their response to my research in social grades. This will help to create an image of the average wage, and class in the local area. Then I will cater for the group that the majority of people fit into. SECTION 4 RESULTS OF RESEARCH SECTION 5 PROMOTIONAL METHODS RECCOMMENDED I have reviewed all of my results and thought carefully about the recommendations I will give to the business ‘Electrical Retailer’. From my research I have found that the social grade of the local area is C and the average pay is between â€Å"15000-â€Å"25000. The majority of these people do not shop locally, and the main reason is that the local shops do not cater for their needs. This is shows me that I there would be place for me to sell my goods, aimed at social group C. This is because of the people surveyed the majority fit into this group, so it makes sense to primarily aim for them, and then unskilled workers. Also the shop that most of people say they shop at is out side of the local area, but they would shop locally if they had the choice. Source A and B shows the popularity of papers and how often they are read. These bar charts surprised me as I found out that the Spalding Guardian and the Lincolnshire Free Press was attracting a larger readership yet papers tend to be read more daily. This is a factor which I will definitely need to consider as newspaper advertisement is a possible promotional method, however I still believe that I will portray my message to inform potential customers and attract them towards my business. Source C shows a pie chart and my results show the different types of media and their accessibility. Television clearly stood out and then poster billboards on transport. This question told me a lot and played a big part in deciding the type of advertisement to use to promote the business. As part of my competition I looked in national newspapers and on the Internet to search for promotional methods used by Curry’s. Below I have found an advert, which from my market research I know is very expensive and therefore the size of the company is large. Also Curry’s attracts millions of customers throughout the country which is why they advertise nationally instead of locally. I found out that 25 slots a week prime time, which is when the radio is listened to most between 4. 01 – 8. 00pm costs   1000. This company has built up a massive customer base over many years, which is why I have a budget of   8000 for the first year of trading to spend on promoting the business. I think that the best method for me to use is poster billboards on public transport. Even though more people have access to a television, this media is not suitable for my business. I will also use leaflets as this would mean that I could put in coupons for the reader. Also that I should use bright colours in my advert, as my leaflets should have a distinctive shape. I will advertise on the local transport system i 780 per year, for a large advert on the back of a bus. The leaflets that I will produce will cost i 145 for a 1000 delivery, and will be in full colour both sides. Leaflets will contain information such as sales, the different range of stock being sold and prices. Also I will advertise in the local paper each month with a relatively small advert which is cheap. I will change my method of advertising depending on the time of year. This is because I feel that more advertising should be done when events like Christmas take place or the January sales. From my research I know that I need to advertise months before Christmas around about October to benefit. I have constructed a table, which shows how I will budget my advertising costs throughout my first year of trading. A lump sum of money is kept aside in case all goes wrong.

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