Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant Essay

Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant country collage-NE Campus - Essay Example This is because sometimes the government relies on certain citizens for contribution; chances to present a speech are almost unlimited. Not only does learning to present speeches is an advantage to the society, but also it helps to improve our careers, many companies have their speaker bureau of which they use them to release their message to the public (Hamilton 6). An example of public speaking includes announcements. When analyzing an audience, first, I conduct a poll that will determine if the audience is familiar with the topic of discussion. I have learnt that I should get to know the audience beliefs, morals, values, sex and age. Moreover, I have learnt to make sure to know what type of audience I have, and plan on how to make them listen to me and still remember. In addition, while researching, I make sure that I do it thoroughly and take notes. In addition, I have learnt to include names of author and page numbers where necessary (Hamilton 71). The best way to improve active listening as described in chapter two and three is by involving my audience (giving them an emotional stake) in what one is saying there are likely to listen attentively to your speech (Hamilton 57). Practice reduces speech anxiety because when one practices they feel more prepared. Speaker anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and uncomfortable while speaking before an audience. Most speakers that undergo speaker anxiety feel that it is almost awkward to get rid of, but the experienced speakers know how to overcome speaker anxiety. One can use negative emotions for example fear, guilt, shame or anger, but one can still use positive emotions such as joy, relief, hope or compassion. One must also make the audience feel there is something in our speech that will benefit them. If a speaker needs his or her audience to trust and understand the hummer and the information in their speech, they need to do the following; they

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