Saturday, August 24, 2019

Implementing a Logical Plan on Changing Management in Business Research Paper

Implementing a Logical Plan on Changing Management in Business - Research Paper Example Many industries in different sectors use different strategies in ensuring they are performing to their best. Some firms ensure they concentrate on making the best products which are attractive to the market. However, these products attract a higher price tag. On the other hand, some firms use the economies of large scale production. In such a case, the firm produces bulky products and services that are retailed at a lower price. In business terms, this strategy is known as scalping. The firm ensures it gets low profits on bulky products and services, which results to high profits in the end. However, the Zappos experience is different from the aforementioned firms. Zappos uses a number of strategies which are evidently enhancing the performance of the firm. The collective efforts from these strategies have been a success in the firm as it has grown over the years (Joseph, 2012). Apparently, the credit is given to the managers of Zappos as they have used technical and personal skills to accrue this success. It is a reward to their commitment and dedication to the firm. However, without such dedication, the positive results would not be realized. First, Zappos ensures all the strategies are applied across all their industries and business. Using such a criterion in all the sectors of the firm ensures there is leveled performance. Though the performance will vary, the difference is not much and this will not affect the business. All the industries under the Zappos umbrella have to implement all the stated strategies in making success (Chopra, 2012). Since the strategies are proven to accrue success, the Zappos firm will not have a hard time in attaining its stated goals. For instance, all the organizations have to ensure they are following the laid procedures in approaching a market. This will instill the needed demand in the market. Therefore, the industries and business will make substantial profits which are needed. Secondly, the Zappos experience is heightened by the fact that the firm has a soft spot for diversity. Diversity is where different people are employed in different department to work on particular tasks. The people that are delegated duties in the different departments have credibility and specialization in the stated sector. As such, they will employ all their technical and practical skills to make sure the firm is performing to the best outcomes (Stokes and Wilson, 2006). For instance, financial managers are employed in the financial department to deal with finance issues. Since they have ample training in the stated subject, it is almost obvious that the firm will be performing well. Similarly, the firm adores

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