Thursday, October 31, 2019

MASTER RESEARCH PROPOSAL Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MASTER - Research Proposal Example The use of business intelligent applications will bring a smooth and easier data storage and retrieval of data hence being able to manage the increasing number of patients in hospitals (Avolio, 2013, pg53). However the difficulty in the application of business intelligent solutions in the health care is mainly because of how the data is collected, procedures used and the knowledge extracted. Moreover, the main aims of using this meth in any firm are to extract information related to customer satisfaction, performance measurement and profit maximization. The recent growth and development in the education systems have led to very high demand for the management, evaluation and accreditation of data management of health care institutions. Many institutions have been forced to adopt and try nonconventional solutions known for massive data management (Dept. of Industry, 1982). The use of new technology in this firm offers great different solutions. They include data warehousing, big data and businesses intelligent. However, this state of art and use of technology is being adapted and installed in many business industries so as to obtain the tailor-made solutions that are needed. The proposed model in that can be used in the health care institution would have a number of procedures that are related to progress of health care services (Cheney, 2011, pg34). This model would analyze the current procedures in decision making in all areas in the health care firm hierarchy and levels of hospital levels. This will help to provide the solutions needed by use the state of the art system in decision making. These key and vital decisions are made with reference to the reference benchmark for these requirements (Wright, 1996, pg42). Objective of this research is to explore the reasons for the lack of use of the new model of business intelligent in the healthcare institution. Some of the specific aims of this research entails establishing the benefits of installing

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