Thursday, October 17, 2019

Narcotics and Capitalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Narcotics and Capitalism - Essay Example The author says that in the dynamic style of the modern age, people are so busy in their schedules that they can not make up time for their personal leisure and relaxation. All of the time is used up in work, shopping, cultivating relationships or childcare. In such circumstances, drug use provides an individual with instant comfort that he/she longs for. Besides, in the very busy schedule, people are not used to free time and thus free time may put many in distress. Many people experience depression and yet can not locate a reason for the same. Dope addiction provides them with the reason to be distressed as they long to re-experience the first feel of consuming heroin. Modern capitalist society is categorized by time, and drug use enables the individual to break free of the chain of time. Dope addicts are conventionally stereotyped as money-centered and greedy people, but the author suggests that the reverse is true i.e. greedy and money-centered people become dope addicts rather t han dope addicts becoming greedy or money-centered. The author thinks that people whose behavior is perfectly consistent with the requirements of the capitalist society are the biggest and most serious addicts of dope. They generally maintain a bossy, hustling and dominating image in front of the society but from within, they feel ashamed of their ruthless attitude. Their obsession inculcates a deep desire in them to change their identity for good, and dope addiction helps them achieve that. The author connects the reason for buying dope with the intrinsic desire of humans to be cool. When they can not identify smarter or more intelligible means of being cool, they resolve to buy dope because this is one thing they know would cool them down for sure. The author says that despite the fact that dope may be considered as a hipster buy, it is essentially a deal between a seller and a buyer whereby all is said and done. The author sees little difference between loving copping and loving shopping. To him, it is the same activity but in different aesthetic. The author also connects dope addiction with the desire for commodities. The author says that he loved cars because they provided him with an isolated space in which he could find out answers to ultimate questions in complete mental and physical peace. Same is allowed by dope addiction as it disconnects an individual from the world, and he/she becomes lost in an imaginary world where the past, present and future lose their significance. Another important linkage between narcotics and money comes from the fact that consuming narcotics make an individual look rich. Heroin is extremely expensive. I pound of heroin can cost thousands of dollars. This property of heroin as well as most of the narcotics makes their consumption a game of the rich people. Presenting ourselves as rich is one of the most fundamental elements of a capitalist society. In a capitalist society, money is power. The more money an individual has, the more respected he/she is. Thus, dope addicts perceive this habit as a quick and easy way to look rich and be in the league that most people of our society long to be in. In addition to making themselves look rich, they also look stylish. Spending up to $2100 on heroin in just a week, they surprise the richest people around. In everyday life, we spend money wisely and thoughtfully no matter how much money we have. We remain cautious not to waste money, but dope

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